Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Types of Home Health Care

Providing home health care for your aging parents is something that you ought to consider especially if you are too far from them. This way you can be sure that your needs will be well taken care of and that there would be someone to look after their health.

There are different sources of home health care which you can avail. There are agencies where you can get your home health care professional. In here, you can be certain that certified professionals would be presented to you. They are often governed by federal requirements before they can practice their profession. However, care may be limited because specialists are assigned.

Another way to get it is through care aide agencies. However, these people are mostly chore workers who can be hired to provide some basic assistance to your elders. They can be around to help provide for basic necessities such as healthy meals, bathing and dressing up your elders, even making sure that housekeeping work is attended to inside their home.

Hospices are also an available choice, though they mostly attend to patients and their respective family. They are mostly made up of volunteer workers who are specialized in particular fields such as psychological, social, and medical to name a few. The services of hospices are geared towards making sure that patients already prescribed as terminally ill will still be given the best comfort possible.

Speaking of patients, if your elders require care in terms of facilitating their medicinal needs, you can turn to pharmaceutical therapy companies for help. These businesses specialize on drug delivery as well as the necessary equipment to help patients obtain their nutritional and intravenous therapies. They will assign specific pharmacists to assist your elders.

There are also private-duty agencies that can provide care by means of assigning a private duty nurse to your elders. However, you might not have much say in the kind of nurse who will be assigned to your elders. Your parents will undergo due evaluation and based from that as well as other necessary demographic considerations, a nurse will be assigned on an agreed upon schedule to care for your elders.

In contrast, registries are places where you have a more active participation in choosing the aide or nurse to accompany your parents. Registries work pretty much the same as most recruitment companies do but their expertise is on health care. Once a matching health care provider is found, you will be paying the registry for their professional fees. As a client, you have a direct supervisory right to the health care provider you will choose.

Finally, there are also health care providers to consider. These are the home health care professionals that you would get when you choose to place advertisements with a specified set of qualifications. In here, it is necessary to draft a contract to formalize an agreement between you and the health care provider. This would protect both parties for the duration of the services.


  1. There are additionally private-duty agencies that can accommodate affliction by agency of allotment a clandestine assignment assistant to your elders. However, you ability not accept abundant say in the affectionate of assistant who will be assigned to your elders

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  2. Most beneficial types of home health care:-
    Skilled therapy services.
    Medical social services.
    Medical supplies.
    Durable medical equipment.

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